About Us

Mission Statement

Restoring hope for individuals suffering from drug and alcohol abuse by providing a loving, structured environment along with rehabilitative programming and recovery support.

Vision Statement

Restoring hope for the future.


Passionately committed to assisting each and every customer to a living sober life.

Photo of Megan Johnston

Megan Johnston


Megan grew up in Plainfield, Indiana with her mom. At the age of 18, Megan began using drugs and at 19, became addicted to heroin. After two years of addiction, she entered a treatment facility and fought for a year and a half to overcome her addiction.

Since then, Megan has committed her life to helping people who struggle with substance abuse and addiction. She currently works as a coordinator of a Recovery Community Center in Valparaiso, IN which provides recovery support services.

She is also a Certified Recovery Specialist.

Megan has a heart to see the most hurting people healed, and the most broken people set free.

She lives in North Judson, IN with her husband Jesse and their two kitties, Milo and Nellie.